Top Athletic Programs and Swimming Lessons in Metairie

At Kehoe-France, students can choose from a variety of sports, giving them the freedom to pursue multiple athletic interests. 

Our students don’t have to choose between academic success and sports achievement—KF Pioneers can be great students and great athletes.

The Kehoe-France athletics program strives to provide students in 4th through 7th grade the opportunity to participate in team sports, both through intramural and league play, competing against other schools. Alongside sports practices and athletic competitions, we also offer the finest swimming lessons in Metairie.

The sports program at Kehoe-France helps students improve their motor skills, encourages better health through physical fitness, and develops self-discipline and an understanding of the value of teamwork. We believe that the best instruction is combined with wholesome recreation that enables the development of a well-trained mind, a healthy body, and appropriate social values.

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