Our Commitment to Students and Families

At Kehoe-France Southshore, we believe that if you are making a commitment to our school, we want to make a commitment to you.
  1. Your child will be known by name, strength, and need.
  1. Your child will learn in a challenging, fulfilling, and enjoyable classroom environment.
  1. Your child will be an internationally-minded learner who defines, learns, acts, and reflects upon global issues and concerns.
  1. Your child will value his or her own uniqueness and have the courage to think and act independently.
  1. Your child will demonstrate a love of learning by drawing from positive educational experiences.
  1. Your child will have an appreciation for the visual and performing arts, foreign language, physical fitness, and wellness.
  1. Your child will demonstrate self-discipline and problem-solving skills necessary to investigate the world around him/her.
  1. Your child will recognize and value his/her own uniqueness with opportunities to investigate and seek out areas of particular interest through participation in curricular and extracurricular activities.
  1. Your child will demonstrate compassion and respect for his/her peers and practice courtesy, consideration, and self-discipline in all relationships.
  1. Your child will demonstrate the ability to live a productive life, and through an awareness of his/her self-worth, will strive to become a contributing member of the community.

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