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A leader in education and academic excellence since 1949, Kehoe-France is a place where empathy and integrity thrive. Embracing the aspirations of the individual, each student experiences a rigorous and balanced curriculum focused on developing the whole child and preparing them to succeed and make lasting relationships in an increasingly connected and innovative world.
Meet Dr. Tanya Price, Head of Kehoe-France Southshore.
Kehoe-France is part of the International Schools Partnership, a growing group of committed colleagues in financially responsible schools around the world, all of which aim to be the school of choice in their local area.
What does a Kehoe-France graduate look like? Learn more about how our mission shapes our outcomes.

How did Kehoe-France come to be one of the most prestigious and respected schools in Louisiana? Learn more about our journey.

At KF Southshore, we believe that if you are making a commitment to our school, we want to make a commitment to you.

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Kehoe-France Southshore

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