Encouraging bilingual learning at home can really impact your child’s development in a number of ways, including their cognitive growth, cultural understanding, and even their future career prospects. Many of the best private schools out there offer foreign language programs, but it’s important you continue to encourage their learning at home. Here are some of the most effective ways you can do this.

Start Early

According to Care.com, your child should begin learning a new language by the age of 10 to ensure the best results. However, mastering a brand new set of vocabulary is still possible if your child begins later. By starting early, your child can get a full grasp of a new dialect quicker than even adults. You can begin introducing books, music, movies, and other media to your child at an early age. Many children learn easiest through immersion, so consistent exposure to a new vernacular can allow them to dramatically boost their knowledge.

Utilize Technology

There are countless ways technology can help your child learn a second language. Many applications are made to be fun while promoting learning. Use interactive tools that allow your child to practice the dialect in a way they enjoy. Once they get comfortable enough, you can even experiment with changing their device’s language into whichever one they’re learning.

Promote Their Learning

As you know, children love to follow their parents’ actions. That is still true when it comes to education. Even if it’s not the vernacular you speak in every day, you can still promote their learning by showing your enthusiasm for the dialect. If you can speak the other language, make sure to practice with them by speaking and interacting with them in that language. It can go a long way to ensuring your child feels supported throughout the sometimes difficult process.

Engaging in bilingual learning habits is one of the most exciting things your child can do. By starting early, utilizing technology, and doing your part to promote their learning, you can cultivate a love for education in your child. As one of the best private schools in the Metairie, LA area, we are proud to offer foreign language studies to our students. Reach out today to Kehoe-France Southshore School to learn more about our school and the enrollment process.

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