Little Pioneers & Children's Center

The foundation for learning begins at the Kehoe-France Children’s Center, where Little Pioneers (infants) through three-year-old children thrive and learn in an environment that is always safe and an atmosphere that is forever welcoming.

  • Teach children how to socialize and show respect to others
  • Expand the child’s awareness of the world around them and aid in them in understanding it
  • Acknowledge and encourage every effort and mastery of a skill
  • Build confidence and independence in every child

In every classroom, there is a lead teacher and an assistant. Our teachers are highly qualified professionals with specialized training and degrees. They build a strong, positive relationship with each child, helping them learn to work and play with others, and aid children in developing positive peer relationships and friendships

Teachers guide children’s behavior using positive guidance strategies and support learning during every part of the day. They are intentional and responsive to the needs of the children, providing them with a consistent, respectful learning environment at all times. 

Children receive a consistent daily routine that supports active learning through play and builds on children’s interests. The school day is divided into:

  • Both small and large group meetings
  • “Choice time” when the children interact in play-based centers
  • Snack and lunch times
  • Read-aloud times
  • Outdoor play
  • Music and movement
  • Rest time

During all of these learning periods, children are engaging in activities that help them to develop and build a strong foundation in language, physical and social-emotional skills, literacy and mathematics.

Beginning at age two, the children may choose to participate in a Soccer Shots program where they are taught the basics of soccer, character-building skills, and the importance of being a team. 

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