Kehoe-France Southsore | The Best Private Elementary School Program

Elementary School

Kehoe-France School has long been recognized as a school that stands out not only for its academic and liberal arts curriculum but also for the importance it places on developing social skills and building character among its students.

Our purpose is to develop the child intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. It is in a child’s formative years that a love for learning develops, and Kehoe-France offers the opportunity to embrace and enjoy that adventure.

As a part of the IB PYP, each classroom in first through fourth grades explores six units of inquiry throughout the year, centered around universal themes that promote interdisciplinary, conceptual learning.

We believe that all learning is related and once students have a strong academic base they must be encouraged to strive to make these content connections themselves. Our goal is to explore traditional subjects in both traditional and creative ways.

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