Welcome from Dr. Tanya Price

On behalf of our whole school and alumni community, welcome to Kehoe-France.

Since we opened our doors in 1962, Kehoe-France has long been recognized as a school that stands out not only for its academic and liberal arts curriculum, but also for the importance we place on developing social skills and building character among our students. Our purpose is to develop the child intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and socially.

Students learn and grow together as they explore a challenging curriculum taught by exceptional teachers in an environment that encourages collaboration and an inquiry-based approach to learning. We focus not only on the academic fundamentals but also on a child’s physical health and wellness through our expansive athletics programs, exposure to the fine arts through classes and clubs, and a commitment to service as a school community. Kehoe-France students emerge from our school prepared intellectually and socially to lead lives as balanced, reflective, knowledgeable, caring, and open-minded individuals.


Dr. Tanya Price
Head of School

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