Portrait of a Kehoe-France Graduate

To fulfill our mission of supporting student success in school and life, Kehoe-France prioritizes the development of skills that will empower students to be productive citizens of a global community and successful in the workforce of the future.

A Kehoe-France education prepares students in a community devoted to creating lifelong learners, thoughtful global citizens, and confident leaders.

  • Internationally-minded and takes action for positive change.
  • A competent communicator and principled thinker who uses his or her curiosity to research and inquire about the world.
  • A collaborator that demonstrates the ability to work interdependently within a group to promote learning, increase productivity, and achieve common goals.
  • An effective problem solver that engages in inquiry and design of innovative solutions to overcome obstacles and improve outcomes.
  • A motivated hard worker who persists to accomplish difficult tasks and overcome academic and personal barriers to meet goals.

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