Private schools are known for providing a diverse curriculum with plenty of opportunities to excel, such as encouraging a foreign language. According to the American Academy of Arts, one in five American students take a foreign language before university. However, balancing academics and athletics is crucial for academic success. Here are a few tips your child can use this year.

Invest in a Planner

A daily planner is a great way to get and stay organized. Most planners have blocks of time to help your child allot certain hours of the day for athletics. These planners will show you how much time they have left in the day to study and help ensure you schedule plenty of time for homework. Getting organized is a beautiful way to ensure they have a balanced life.

Set Clear Goals

Time management is essential, but it’s equally important to establish clear goals for your child regarding academics and athletics. For example, do they want to excel in geometry? If they do, they’ll need to allot more time to study math or look into additional tutoring services. Make sure you’re realistic when you set goals for your child. Goals should always be achievable.


Always communicate with your child’s teachers and coaches. Share your child’s goals, and communicate if they’re struggling. For example, imagine there wasn’t enough time allowed for homework. A teacher will understand that. They may also offer valuable advice to help your child get organized. Coaches are often understanding, too. The staff will work with you to help your child achieve their goals.

Use Downtime

You should always help your child use downtime wisely. For example, they may have an additional ten minutes at the end or beginning of class when the teacher is not teaching. This time can be used to start a reading assignment or study for a test. While ten minutes may not seem like a big deal, it can add up. Using time wisely can help your child ensure they have ample time for athletic commitments and academics.

We understand that it’s essential for students to excel in all their activities, and we’re here to support our students. Our staff will work with you and your child to help them reach their goals. Contact Kehoe-Frane Southshore School to learn more today.

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