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Instilling a passion for reading from an early age sets up children for lifelong success. Local private schools often prioritize frequent reading and literacy skills, helping students gain a deep appreciation for books. Here’s a look at some of the ways private schools nurture reading habits.

Daily Reading Time

One of the cornerstones of the elementary curriculum at many local private schools is daily independent reading time. Whether it’s 20 minutes or a full hour, students are encouraged to explore books of their choosing. With a plethora of options from classroom libraries, children get exposure to different genres, authors, and topics while developing positive reading habits.

Small Class Sizes

Unlike crowded public school classrooms, private schools typically have smaller class sizes. In private schools, small class sizes with student-to-teacher ratios of 12 to 1 are pretty common, according to ThoughtCo. This lower student-to-teacher ratio allows more individual attention to make sure each child is supported in their reading journey. Teachers can closely monitor reading progress and provide assistance when needed. Smaller classes also promote classroom discussions and activities tailored to students’ reading levels and interests.

Parental Involvement

Local private schools emphasize a strong home-school connection. Many encourage parents to read aloud with their children for 20 minutes per night to instill reading as a consistent routine. Teachers maintain ongoing communication with parents on children’s reading skills and habits. Private schools also provide parents with resources and tips to help them actively participate in developing their child’s literacy at home.

Events and Activities

From guest author visits to reading contests and book fairs, private schools organize engaging events that make reading fun. Creative activities like reader’s theater and book-based crafts immerse children in literature. Events like DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time reinforce reading as an enjoyable daily activity. With this immersive approach, private schools instill a genuine lifelong love of reading.

The individualized attention, structured reading time, and interactive literacy events at local private schools give children an enriched environment to thrive as readers. With this supportive foundation, students gain the skills and passion for reading that become a cornerstone for future academic and career success. Selecting the right school for your child is important. Taking the time to learn about schools and tour them can help you to make the right decision. Schedule a tour of our school today or call to inquire about enrollment at Kehoe-France Southshore School.

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