Private schools and preschools are growing at a rapid rate. When you look at enrollment for the 2020-21 academic year, 35% of the 68 schools that supplied recent data reported an increase, according to the CATO Institute. Since then, private schools have continued to increase in popularity. There are several reasons why.

Cost Options

Private institutions were once believed to be only for the wealthy. However, more states are expanding education voucher programs to make private education more accessible to everyone. Many schools offer tuition payments every month, so it’s the same as paying a car payment monthly. Many also provide volunteer options to help reduce tuition for parents, too.


Private institutions aren’t held to the same rules as public institutions, allowing them more flexible curriculum design. Our curriculum focuses on helping the whole child develop. Character development and a positive mindset are crucial for children to build the healthy foundation they need to succeed.

Class Sizes

Private preschools and schools are well-known for having smaller class sizes than public schools. The lower teacher-to-student ratio ensures instructors can pay close attention to children. It can help teachers identify learning disabilities and other special needs earlier. Smaller class sizes also allow teachers to do more hands-on activities with children.


Teachers at private institutions have the flexibility they need to utilize innovative teaching methods. Private schools may use a more hands-on approach to ensure children are engaged in the material. Field trips further help children learn more. Teachers often try to develop lesson plans that incorporate various methods of learning. Many instructors participate in workshops to continue their education and to learn new teaching methods.

Character Development

Private institutions prioritize character development and value education, aiming to instill a strong sense of ethics, responsibility, and leadership in their students. This holistic approach appeals to parents who view education as more than just academics but as a means of shaping well-rounded individuals prepared for success in both personal and professional spheres.

Private institutions continue to grow rapidly as many parents learn about the benefits they offer. Preschools help lay the foundation children require for academic success. Curriculums often include character development and values. Contact us today to schedule a tour. We at the Kehoe-France Southshore School are happy to discuss enrollment.

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