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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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WKF is a seventh grade semester-long elective focusing on the different areas of news broadcasting. Each month the students film, edit, upload, and anchor for a twenty-minute video covering different things that have happened around the school. The students put in a lot of work to fully complete an episode of WKF. 

During class, the students are encouraged to come up with different ideas to film that can be incorporated into our monthly airing of WKF. After developing ideas, the students then film around the school (using the school video camera), and then upload their footage to one of our computers. Editing is taught through the program iMovie, and every student learns how to properly edit footage.

Once all edits are done, a few students are selected to be an anchor for the current episode. Each anchor must come up with their own introductions, as well as be the "face" of that month's episode. Each episode is broadcast to the entire school through our broadcast equipment; the finalized episode is also uploaded to the school website (password protected), which can be seen below.

In addition to filming around the school, members of WKF are responsible for filming, editing, reproducing, and distributing the many stage shows that happen throughout the year.

In an effort to bring you higher quality video, all of our newer WKF videos will be available here rather than SmugMug. If you need the password, please contact Shanna or Chasity in our office. Enjoy!


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