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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

The IB Primary Years Programme at Kehoe-France aims to enhance the existing curriculum which focuses on the fundamentals of education and student development in PK-3  through 4th grade. The PYP provides a curricular framework which promotes learning through inquiry. Specifically in the Preschool, which encompasses PK3, PK4, and Kindergarten, this will encourage students to learn through play, exploration, and discovery. The PYP recognizes that each student is a unique learner who must develop his or her skills to think critically and work collaboratively to accomplish tasks in an increasingly global society.
We believe that the best way to help children succeed is to teach them to be creative, confident thinkers. That means offering them opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that help build lifelong critical thinking skills and foster confidence.  The curriculum is not just play-based and individualized, but also supportive, and effective.

The Learning Environment and Our Staff
The Preschool also prides itself on providing an aesthetically pleasing, safe and sanitary, indoor and outdoor learning environment for children. Indoors, the classroom spaces are divided into well-defined interest areas that encourage distinctive types of play and promote development in all areas. These areas are flexible to accommodate practical considerations and children’s changing interests. Each interest area is saturated with materials and manipulatives that promote fun, hands-on learning all day long. Outdoors, the children have the opportunity to to run and play on large, grassy fields, climb and interact on developmentally appropriate playground equipment, swim, and more.
In every PK3 classroom there is a lead teacher and an assistant. In PK4 and K, the lead teachers share assistants. Our small and intimate class sizes allow for plenty of hands-on, individualized attention and interaction.
Our lead teachers are degreed and certified, and many of them have, or are working on, a master’s degree.  Teachers work hard to ensure that their classrooms serve as a learning community.
The Daily Curriculum
We believe a consistent daily routine supports active learning and builds on children’s interests.  Through active learning children construct knowledge through immediate hands-on experiences that are supported by adults. The daily routine is broken up into both small and large group meetings, choice time, where the children interact in play-based centers, snack and lunch times, read-aloud time, outdoor play, and rest time. During all of these learning experiences, children are immersed in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, and technology.
In alignment with the IB framework, the children are also exposed to Music and Movement, Spanish Language Acquisition, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Physical Education and Health, and the Arts, one to two times a week.