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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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Our Pre-Kindergarteners are given a unique learning experience through The Letter People curriculum. On a weekly basis children are introduced to lovable characters who help make language come alive in the "Land of the Letter People". The program is designed to give early learners all the literacy tools necessary to grow quickly, and with confidence in their ability to learn to read and write.


The program fosters a balanced literacy approach by focusing on oral language, print awareness, phonological and phonemic awareness, alphabetic knowledge, vocabulary development, writing, and reading comprehension. The Letter People provide emotional engagement by offering a "real world" dimension which reinforces life skills, enhances social development, and helps children to understand their environment. Our curriculum also incorporates an interactive Math and Science series that helps personalize learning through hands-on interaction with manipulatives. The Science Series focuses on the four steps in scientific discovery: explore, investigate, collect, and communicate. The Math Series challenges the students to explore mathematical content and process skills.


Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum not only covers the major areas of learning in the classroom but also several enrichment classes. Our Spanish, P.E, Library, Music, Computer, and Art classes help provide a comprehensive learning experience for our students.

Our goal is to nurture the whole child through providing a positive and meaningful learning experience.

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