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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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Volleyball is an all-girl interscholastic sport that has only been played at Kehoe-France since 2010. Our interscholastic team consists of two separate teams: A Junior Varsity Team and a Senior Varsity Team. Students in fourth grade through sixth grade may try out for the Junior Varsity team, and students in sixth and seventh grades may try out for the Senior Varsity team. 

The season lasts approximately two months beginning at the end of August and finishing just before Halloween.  

Within this sport, communication, self-esteem, and leadership are extremely valuable. With proper on-court communication can the team set up winning plays. During our pre-season training, we focus on having the players develop good technique and fundamentals with all skills, (bumping, setting, and spiking), focusing especially on serving.

Our season finishes with a three-day tournament where each team must win a certain number of games in order to be determined the Metro-League winner. This past year, we finished our Senior Varsity season with an impressive 10-3 record and and Junior Varsity with an 11-2 record.