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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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Cross Country

The Kehoe-France School Interscholastic Cross-Country Team forms in August at the beginning of the academic year and continues through late October or early November each year. This sport is open to all 3rd through 7th grade students. Students are required to follow rules during training, practice, and competition, but this is an open sport for all qualified students.


While many individual awards and top team honors have been achieved since forming in 2009, the primary focus in this sport has been on preparation and improvement through training. Training includes vigorous physical fitness activity along with distance running, sprinting, and other fun activities designed to improve run distance abilities, teamwork, and overall physical fitness. Discussions of diet and fluid intake while involved in this sport remain a focus throughout the season.


The competitive aspect of this sport is NOT co-ed, however, as team, girls and boys train together two to three days a week.

Landon Sequeira 7th grade student defeated 250 runners from over 20 schools to become The Metro Cross Country Champion for 2016.

Meera Hijazi had a phenomenal season and become the 2018 Cross Country Metro Champion.