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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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General Information

Kehoe-France School and Kehoe-France Northshore are independent, nondenominational, coeducational elementary day schools open to students from 8 weeks old through seventh grade. Kehoe-France School and Kehoe-France Northshore are named for the founders, Patricia Kehoe France and Frank A. France. Today, the schools are directed by the three sons. Kehoe-France was founded and continues to operate without the aid of debenture bonds, endowments or fund-raising drives. It is an outgrowth of the day camp that began in 1949. The school opened as a preschool in 1962 and has grown into two thriving institutions.
Kehoe-France School is located on a tree shaded 14 acre campus near Elise Avenue and West Metairie Avenue in Metairie. There are six classroom buildings, a large gymnasium, administrative building, two-30 station computer labs, barn-art complex, children center, music building, band room, science lab, activity center and the Wheat Library. The outdoor area includes playing fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, and two outdoor pavilions. Kehoe-France prides itself on the beauty of our campuses.
Kehoe-France Northshore is on 12 acres in River Forest Subdivision on Patricia Drive in Covington. There are technology equipped classrooms, a gymnasium, 30-station computer lab, preschool, lower school and middle school computer labs, library, art studio, science lab and a cafeteria. The outdoor area includes multiple playgrounds, tennis courts and a swimming pool.
Faculty members are all Louisiana certified teachers. Each is selected on the basis of character, scholarship, experience and personality. Kehoe-France is approved by the Louisiana State Department of Education, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACSCASI) and the National Independent Private School Association (NIPSA).
To implement our motto of “God, Country, and Discipline,” we strive to develop our students socially, physically and intellectually. We provide multiple opportunities for our students to recognize and maximize their capabilities. We believe that the best instruction is combined with wholesome recreation that enables the development of a well-trained mind, a healthy body and appropriate social values.


Children Center (8 weeks - 3 Year Olds)

The preschool creates an environment that is developmentally appropriate for the young child. Learning evolves from play, with a balance of child-initiated activities and teacher-directed activities. Enriching age-appropriate experiences are planned and implemented in a safe, nurturing atmosphere. Teachers motivate the children through encouragement, suggestion and effective praise.

Pre-Kindergarten (4 Year Olds) and Kindergarten (5 Year Olds)

Our teaching goals are to develop social skills and peer relations, while building appropriate academic concepts. The classroom environment is set in centers that allow the students and kindergarten the teacher to be mobile within the class. Daily curriculum and center based activities include language, phonics, reading, math, penmanship and art. Twice weekly, students participate in physical education, music, social studies and science activities. Audio visual materials enhance all aspects of the curriculum. Cooking experiences are used to develop measuring skills, vocabulary, sensory awareness and rules of safety. Free play and lunch along with a quiet/rest time are also a part of each day.

Lower School (Grades 1-4)

Kehoe-France's curriculum is an advanced curriculum. All Kehoe-France students are grouped heterogeneously.

Middle School (Grades 5-7)

All students in grades 5 through 7 participate in an advanced level program.


In preparing students for the future, the Kehoe-France science curriculum includes the study of physical and natural science. Using a hands-on approach, students learn processes through experimentation and exploration. The use of science labs, text materials, projects and presentations help the students develop an in-depth knowledge of science.


With the importance of math concepts increasing in a world of expanding technology, Kehoe-France places a great emphasis on math instruction. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced over time while students move from the concrete to the abstract. Mathematics instruction focuses on developing higher-order thinking, helping students to become confident problem solvers, real world application, and integrating manipulatives for hands-on learning experiences.

Language Arts

Reading and appropriate language use are critical in today’s society. Kehoe-France School takes great pride in its reading and language curriculum, and we are constantly updating our grammar and writing/literature curriculum to involve today’s technology in the teaching of reading and language.

Social Studies

Learning about the world around us and how history has developed over time are integral parts of the social studies curriculum at Kehoe-France. Students gain an understanding and appreciation of current events, geography, history and political science.

Physical Education

The physical education program emphasizes the development of the whole child through education proper exercising and team sports. Rather than stressing the outcome of the game, the coaches teach basic skills, team work and the importance of a positive attitude.

Modern Language

Kehoe-France School offers a comprehensive modern language program for students 3 years through 7th grade. In their study of Spanish, students acquire language fluency, as well as broaden their understanding and appreciation of another culture.


The primary goal of the computer program is to incorporate technology into all facets of the curriculum. To this end, computers are available in most classrooms as part of the math and language arts curricula. The Kehoe-France School computer labs are arguably the finest elementary school computer labs in the area.
Each campus offers students an opportunity to participate in computer classes using various computer platforms. 


The music program is designed to introduce and expose students to various aspects of music through which they will become more comfortable with self-expression. The program offers students the opportunity to sing, dance and perform. Kehoe-France School offers students in Grades 4-7 the opportunity to participate in band and grades 2-7 in chorus. Kehoe-France Northshore offers students in grades 1-7 the opportunity to participate in Chorus and a Musical Instrument Program.


Art stimulates children to exercise imagination, providing them with an opportunity for genuine self-expression. Each child is encouraged to develop skill and originality in the use of materials, and to become more sensitive to form, color, line, texture and design in his or her work while being exposed to a variety of mediums and art shows.

Kehoe-France Summer Camp

Having been established in 1949, Kehoe-France Summer Camp is the oldest and most experienced camp in the New Orleans area. Kehoe-France Northshore Summer Camp is an outgrowth of Kehoe-France Summer Camp. We promote the development of the individual by providing outstanding leadership and an enrichment of experiences. Our camp program is designed around our swimming program which involves swimming instruction and free swim each day. Campers also participate in tennis, field sports, ceramics, arts and crafts, computers and much more. Registration information is mailed in early spring, so please inquire at the office should you wish to be placed on the camp mailing list.