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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Kehoe-France is to give each student a strong academic foundation, promote social skills and physical well-being, and nurture cultural and ethical development in a caring and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Based on a history of traditional ethics, Kehoe-France looks to the future with a long-range, strategic plan to reinforce the values of honesty, compassion, personal integrity, and fairness. A commitment to teamwork, sharing, and cooperation needs to be promoted in intra-level and intra-discipline, with all teachers and administrators being flexible and open to change for improvement on a daily and long-term basis. Because Kehoe-France is a private school, there is the capacity for upgrading education by directly addressing the individual needs of students. 

Vision Statement

Through collaboration and continuous learning, Kehoe-France will be a place of excellence where all students are engaged in high quality, real-world learning. A professional and highly motivated staff, in partnership with parents, will encourage children to achieve their full potential and become responsible citizens who are lifelong learners. 

Core Values

We believe in:
  • Challenging all students to achieve their fullest potential in a supportive educational environment.
  • Promoting academic success so that learning will become a lifetime pattern.
  • Respecting and embracing individual differences and diversity within the community.
  • Taking an active role in service opportunities in the school and community.
  • Demonstrating fairness in our judgements and actions and being honest with ourselves and others.
  • Taking ownership of our behavior as individuals and having the courage to think and act independently.
  • Partnering with parents to develop a good working relationship for maximum student growth.