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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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Faculty Directory

  Name Title Contact
Alan Alper Alper, Alan Maintenance 504-733-0472
Lisa Andrews Andrews, Lisa Accounting
Steve Avery Avery, Steve Athletics 504-733-0472
Dell Barry Barry, Dell Third Grade 504-733-0472 EXT. 329
Carla Blais Blais, Carla Seventh Grade ELA 504-733-0472 EXT. 724
Sarah Block Block, Sarah IB Coordinator 504-733-0472 EXT. 150
Claire Bonee Bonee, Claire Lunchroom 504-733-0472 EXT. 130
Nicole Bonura Bonura, Nicole Accounting
Mary Boyd Boyd, Mary Nurse 504-733-0472 EXT. 122
Paige Brown Brown, Paige First Grade 504-733-0472 EXT. 116
Dominique Burns Burns, Dominique Kindergarten 504-733-0472 EXT. 813
Beth Camet Camet, Beth Registrar 504-733-0472 EXT. 140
Olivia Candies Candies, Olivia Second Grade 504-733-0472 EXT. 219
Connie Caravella Caravella, Connie CC-5 Assistant (2's) 504-733-0472
Chasity Chaix Chaix, Chasity Pre-K/K Assistant 504-733-0472
Jennifer Charbonnet Charbonnet, Jennifer Library 504-733-0472 EXT. 307
Alicia Chauvin Chauvin, Alicia Music (CC-K) 504-733-0472 EXT. 110
Dena Cicero Cicero, Dena Sixth Grade ELA 504-733-0472 EXT. 626
Maria Davila Davila, Maria CC - Little Pioneers Assistant 504-733-0472
Pete DellaValentina DellaValentina, Pete Maintenance 504-733-0472
Carlene Dempsey Dempsey, Carlene Fifth and Sixth I & S 504-733-0472 EXT. 627
Jane Estrade Estrade, Jane CC-2 Assistant (1's) 504-733-0472
Mary Ann Faulkner Faulkner, Mary Ann Pre-K Assistant 504-733-0472
Sarah Ficarra Ficarra, Sarah Childrens Center Principal 504-733-0472 EXT. 107
Stephanie Fisher Fisher, Stephanie PK3 Teacher 504-733-0472 EXT. 136
Kathy Folse Folse, Kathy 504-733-0472
Frank France France, Frank Chairman 504-733-0472
Kelly France France, Kelly Director 504-733-0472
Kie France France, Kie Director 504-733-0472
Kyle France France, Kyle President 504-733-0472
Elaine Frost Frost, Elaine Music (1st-7th) 504-733-0472 EXT. 308
Samantha Gammon Gammon, Samantha Second Grade 504-733-0472 EXT. 217
Sophie Garrett Garrett, Sophie Secretary 504-733-0472 EXT. 120
Linda Grush Grush, Linda First Grade 504-733-0472 EXT. 115
Dylan Haag Haag, Dylan P.E. 504-733-0472 EXT. 310
Kelly Hebert Hebert, Kelly STEM 504-733-0472 EXT. 311
Michael Hotstream Hotstream, Michael Band Director (4th-7th) 504-733-0472 EXT. 304
Jennifer Keith Keith, Jennifer Art 504-733-0472 EXT. 302
Amanda LaFrance LaFrance, Amanda PK3 Teacher 504-733-0472 EXT. 137
Janet Landry Landry, Janet CC Office Manager 504-733-0472 EXT. 100
Kimberly LeBon LeBon, Kimberly Pre-K Teacher 504-733-0472 EXT. 809
Melissa Lee Lee, Melissa CC-2 (1's) 504-733-0472 EXT. 103
Halie McCartney McCartney, Halie CC-1 (1's) 504-733-0472 EXT. 102
Jan McCluskey McCluskey, Jan PK-3 Assistant 504-733-0472
Reggie McGill McGill, Reggie Maintenance 504-733-0472
Megan McIntyre McIntyre, Megan Guidance & Admissions
Ashley Morici Morici, Ashley Pre-K Teacher 504-733-0472 EXT. 810
Maria Moss Moss, Maria CC-4 (2's) 504-733-0472 EXT. 105
Carol Murphy Murphy, Carol Office Manager 504-733-0472 EXT. 121
Andrea Olatunji Olatunji, Andrea Spanish (5th-7th) 504-733-0472 EXT. 301
Jennifer Pace Pace, Jennifer PK-3 Assistant 504-733-0472
Janet Pananos Pananos, Janet Principal 504-733-0472
Annie Pizzini Pizzini, Annie Pre-K Teacher 504-733-0472 EXT. 811
Tanya Price Price, Tanya Assistant Principal 504-733-0472
Karen Rauch Rauch, Karen CC - Little Pioneers Assistant 504-733-0472
Lisa Roch Roch, Lisa CC-5 (2's) 504-733-0472 EXT. 106
Lucila Rodriguez Rodriguez, Lucila Maintenance 504-733-0472
Heidi Rose Rose, Heidi Fifth Grade ELA 504-733-0472 EXT. 528
Taylor Rudy Rudy, Taylor Kindergarten 504-733-0472 EXT. 812
Yasuhiro Saito Saito, Yasuhiro
Nicolle Salvaggio Salvaggio, Nicolle Spanish (Pre-K3-4th) 504-733-0472 EXT. 300
Debbie Sarver Sarver, Debbie PK3 Teacher 504-733-0472 EXT. 132
Angelle Schmitt Schmitt, Angelle Third Grade 504-733-0472 EXT. 330
Martha Scott Scott, Martha Math & Science (5th-6th) 504-733-0472 EXT. 513
Genie Seeger Seeger, Genie Lunchroom 504-733-0472
Lori Smith Smith, Lori Science (6th-7th) 504-733-0472 EXT. 725
Mary Beth Stewart Stewart, Mary Beth Fourth Grade 504-733-0472 EXT. 432
Nicole Stumpf Stumpf, Nicole Fourth Grade 504-733-0472 EXT. 433
Sherri Talazac Talazac, Sherri
Sherri Talazac Talazac, Sherri
Dianne Thomas Thomas, Dianne CC - Little Pioneers Assistant 504-733-0472
Molly Trulen Trulen, Molly P.E. and Seventh I & S 504-733-0472 EXT. 309
Melanie Vernon Vernon, Melanie Kindergarten 504-733-0472 EXT. 814
Alicia Ward Ward, Alicia Design and Tech PD 504-733-0472 EXT. 305
Karrie Ward Ward, Karrie Middle School Math 504-733-0472 EXT. 305
Ashley Weiss Weiss, Ashley Director of Technology 504-733-0472
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