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A Private School Ages 8 weeks to Grade 7
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In Focus At Kehoe-France


The mission of Kehoe-France is to give each student a strong academic foundation, promote social skills and physical well-being, and nurture cultural and ethical development in a caring and aesthetically pleasing environment.


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ISP: Kehoe-France

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have joined the International Schools Partnership. The next stage in the development of Kehoe-France will be greatly enhanced by its inclusion within a group of schools that can deepen the range of experience and support available. The International Schools Partnership, a leading educational provider, will take our school forward to its next phase of development. We as a family feel that now is the right time to bring in new investors such as International Schools Partnership in order to help take our camps and schools into the future. The International School Partnership has been attracted by our philosophy and priorities and is committed to fostering them. The experience of their team in running prestigious schools ar... continue reading

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